Marshall Astoria Series – Musikmesse 2015

Marshall Amplification introduces the Astoria Series, tube amps that feature hand-wired, point to point circuits.

Marshall Astoria Series

These amps are described as having pure vintage tone from clean to saturation, and are meant to compete with “boutique” hand built amps from both big and small scale guitar amplifier manufacturers.

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As expected from a new release, this new line of vintage inspired amplifiers will come with modern functionality that include footswitchable channels, gain boost, series FX loop, push/pull tone switching and power reduction.

The company said, “The new Astoria Series has been built not only for the sonic connoisseur who craves hand-wired, point to point, all-valve tone, with world-class build quality and attention to detail, but who also desires contemporary features and functionality”.

The new Marshall Astoria Series will start with three models, and surprisingly, they all sport retro colors as opposed to the usual neutral colors of most vintage style amps. They did however use the old school plexi-glass Marshall logo to contrast the striped-retro exterior of the new amps. The combos have the controls situated on the top of the cabinet, much like vintage Marshall combos. The amp head version comes with a ‘small box’ design with a vintage-style ‘letterbox’ front panel.

To allow complex switching circuitry and hand wiring to co-exist within the same amp circuit board, Marshall mounted turrets on the PCB. Each of the Astoria Series amps are engineered and crafted to the company’s highest standards at the Marshall factory in Bletchley, England.

Following the design of classic amplifiers, the Marshall Astoria series will feature ECC93 (12AX7) preamp tubes, GZ34 rectifier, and a KT66 output stage, which is cathode biased and has no negative feedback.

The three Astoria amps are available as a 30 Watt combo or head with a matching 1 x 12” speaker cabinet. The combos and the speaker cabinet are loaded with a custom-voiced 75 Watt Celestion Creamback speaker.

The most basic and true to vintage form of this line is the Astoria Classic. It features a single channel that is tweaked for loud clean tube tones, ideal for guitarists who prefer to do most of the tone shaping via their boutique pedals. Available in Green and Cream finish.

The Astoria Custom is another straightforward single channel amp, only this one has modern connectivity features that include foot-switchable gain boost and tube-driven FX loop, as well as tone shaping pull switches. This is designed for guitarists who are looking for more flexible signal routing options. Available in Blue and Cream finish.

The top of the line model for this series is the Astoria Dual, featuring two footswitchable channels. The two channels can let you switch from vintage tube cleans, to dirty-sweet overdrive, and it even covers higher gain harmonic distortion. It also comes with contemporary signal routing capabilities like the footswitchable FX Loop and offer more tone shaping options. Available in Red and Cream finish.

Wrapping up the features of the Marshall Astoria Series amps are brushed aluminum front panels, leather strap carry handles and are covered with vinyl. The Astoria 1 x 12” cab is available in each color so you can match or mix between colors as you prefer.

Pricing information will soon be available, visit Marshall Amps for further details.

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