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    Hey ya’ll got a question about the d15 mahogany Martin. I am thinking about getting one cause i really like the way it plays and sounds but have read by some people its real fragile. Is it really fragile or our people who have never owned one just assuming it is cause mahogany is so light that it “feels” fragile. It doesn’t weigh much but it is all solid wood so you would think it would hold up allright, its not like its a 250 buck guitar or anything…. i just don’t see Martin putting out a subsatandard qaulity guitar. Any help would be great. Thanks

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      Most top quality accoustic guitars are solid wood construction, with usualy a sitka spruce solid top, and solid wood back and sides, of which mahogany is popular wood, i dont think they are talking about the woods used when they say is fragile, maybe they feel the way the guitar is constructed? personaly i dont think there is any chance of you breaking the guitar Laurel and Hardy style, Martin is a top guitar manufacturer and would never sell a sub standard guitar, go ahead and buy it with confidence.

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