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    Fellow players,
    I’ve been in the market for a Martin D28. I found a left handed D2832 for 000. I found out that the D2832 uses laminated back and side panels, which makes it a lesser quality guitar. But D28s can go for about 800 to 000. Is the laminated back/sides such a major feature that the sound quality is drastically reduced – especially 000 worth?
    I womder if theres anyway a guitar craftsman can reinforce the interior (maybe with an additional brace or two) to make up for the lack of solid wood.I assume the solid wood resonates more.Also,are there any short cuts to altering the bridge to make it a right handed guitar, other then totally replacing the bidge?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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      If you know you want a D28 don’t settle for less. YOU wouldn’t be happy. Price isn’t the issue, they cost what they cost, and you always get what you pay for. Regarding laminated vs. solid wood. Actually, the lam is probably stronger, but strength is never an issue on a D18 (mahogany) or D28 (rosewood). The solids are great, what can I say but World Class, and stay intact with integrity, as they should. The bracing system is tried and true. They are already heavier and structurally stronger than the D35 which sacrifices girth of bracing for tone. You shouldn’t add a brace to a guitar. It will ruin the science of sound, definitely kill the tone. The bridge on a left handed guitar can not be altered to become a right. No shortcuts, no routing tricks, no way to bet intonation and appearance right. So it would have to be changed. That’s a major violation of the guitar’s soundboard and value, only when necessarty. And what about the pickguard? Upside down, install new or none at all – that’s up to the individual. Changing the nut would be a shame as well, but no big deal, just not original and as intact as the factory made it. I see the value with these changes being highly compromised. As for sound, you be the judge. All guitars are different but certain concepts apply universally. The solid rosewood of the D28 should sound markedly better, due to resonance as you are aware. Glue is not a resonator, like tonewood. Another test, and a benefit to Martin players … a good guitar tickles your tummy when you play it. You pay for it, it is assumed that the soundboard is projecting well to listeners, but how about yourself? It’s nice to hear something from behind the box and get your tummy tickled! Follow your dream and technical instincts, it will be worth it. Strat Man Dwight

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