Mellowtone releases ‘Party Favor’ Effects Pedals

Mellowtone has announced the official release of the Party Favor series of affordable handmade boutique guitar effects pedals. Each pedal is a reworking of a classic Mellowtone design, refined for simplicity and affordability. All pedals are true bypass with status LED and run off of a 9-volt battery or AC adapter.

The the Party Favor Series

Mini Wolf CPU

A quick and simplified version of the original Wolf Computer pedal, the new Mini Wolf CPU has the same snarling heart. With it's Texture control you can achieve a cutting ragged fuzz sound, then dial it down to get varying degrees of glitchy Atari-like down arpeggiation. Just like Pitfall!

New Hi Five

Reworked for quieter operation, this simple clean booster gives you the gusto you need to pop out a hot lead melody. Use it to warm up your tone a little, or crank the Gain and really overdrive your tube amp!

Singing Tree Lite

The ever evolving pedal, the Singing Tree Lite is actually the sixth variation of the original Singing Tree overdrive, the first pedal Mellowtone produced. With a further refined Threshold control, which offers warm chewy overdrive turned left, and turned right it increases headroom by reducing the amount of diode clipping as well as attenuating the input slightly, allowing you to get a more open sound which works great with an amp just on the edge of breakup.

Trumpet Fuzz

Named for it's brassy sound when played staccato at low gain, the Trumpet Fuzz is a harsh nasty octave up fuzz in classic form. The Attack control alters the gain and sustain. Max out the attack and get a great sustaining octavia type sound with an octave up that comes through even on the bridge pickup (best results achieved with the neck pickup of course). Turn the Attack control down for a broken guitar sound or play it staccato high up on the neck for some trumpet like tones.

Party Favor pedals are shipping to dealers now at an estimated street price of $85 each.

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