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    i have a zoom 707 gfx effects pedal and i despratly need to get the settings of metallica distortion. please anybody give me some settings. please.

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      Here’s a rundown on what both Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield use:

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      [quote=”white_hendrix”]anybody have any idea what effects metallica uses[/quote]

      from an earlier post, seems like white_hendrix is also seeking the holy grail of guitar tone, maybe he found it and is protecting it from all outsiders, all those unworthy ones…. my precious.. or maybe its just plain old hypocrisy?

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      90% of tone is in the fingers, but for the other 10% you need to buy the exact amp/guitar/effects, i bet they dont use a zoom pedal either.
      And white_hendrix, the guy may be guilty of stealing somebody elses tone, but at least he doesnt steal their name.

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      [quote=”white_hendrix”]maybe you should get your own effects box instead of borrowing other peoples asshole[/quote]

      and i suppose the sounds you play have never been heard before?

      besides, maybe he’s in a cover band and wants to get an authentic sound…

      gee some ppl are quick to jump on others…

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      Hey dude I have the answer and the tip for the LAST preamp youl ever need to buy,, I came acrost this unit from an old ad from Guitar for the practicing musician 1993 issue * its the Tech 21 Sans Amp GT2 * try to get The Booklet with it should run you around $130-50 but well worth the $$$$$ It’s an analog version of the pod but just preamp it modles Mesa Marshal and Fender but if you cant get the booklet the metalica setting is Level- 11:00
      Low- 3:00 high- 3:00 and drive- full. Mic- off axis mod- hot wired amp- Messa or California …hope this helps plus you can record direct and play live direct with a warm valve amp tone without lugging a stack !!

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      maybe you should get your own effects box instead of borrowing other peoples asshole

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