MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit

Build your own dual channel overdrive/distortion pedal with the new MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit, available in limited numbers.

MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit

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Tube Drive DIY Kit

This DIY kit is meant for those that want to have their own say in how their overdrive pedals will affect their tone.

Although it follows an easy to follow build plan, this Kit is actually a custom boutique pedal in the making. With some experimentation, you can tweak the effect voicing to your taste as you build the pedal with basic soldering skills.

Two printed circuit boards and two unique circuits for overdrive and distortion are included in the kit. MI Audio designed the kit to encourage modifications, you can even utilize various wiring options including alternate or stacked, series or parallel. The MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit also comes with all the parts required to build the two circuits including all jacks, switches, potentiometers, knobs and passive components.

The resulting overdrive pedal that you can build using this kit has two op-amp based overdrive channels. You can personalize each channel by adjusting the internal trimmers, which lets you set your preferred clipping options and gain stages. The kit will also let you tweak the low and high frequencies for further tone customization. Once assembled, each channel comes with a Gain, Volume and a 3-band EQ.

Finally, the kit comes with a pre-drilled blank aluminum enclosure designed to protect the components. It can also serve as a blank slate for you to put on whatever graphic or artwork.

Those that are new to pedal building will find the DIY section of MI Audio’s website helpful, they provide hints and tips for building the two circuits, along with posts from actual users and DIY-ers who have discovered interesting builds for the kit. Intermediate and advanced DIY-er’s will also find that this pedal has enough depth and complexity to capture their interest.

The MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit is expected to fetch a street price of $129.95. The kits are expected to be available this week through MI Audio’s eBay store MIaudiodirect.

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