Michael Matera

Interesting instrumental music with some cool pictures of guitars and also some music samples.

6 thoughts on “Michael Matera”

    1. Re: Yamaha APX special 2
      dan sims

      I have one 1998 apx special 2 birdseye. What do you think of yours? It is really my wifes but I dont think she should sell it.

    2. Re: Yamaha APX special 2
      Calvin Nam

      Yes!!! I’m holding one, really want to know the specifications, do you know them??

      1. Re: Yamaha APX special 2
        dan sims

        I got specs; piezo electric sensor; preamplifier is IC and FET;controls volume,bass treble push lock type with 11-position click stop; output jack is built-in power switch; power supply battery dc9V,S-006P;battery life normal use 250-500 hours;accessories Spacers(white,black, 1 each,hex wrench x1

    3. Re: This popular thread has been given its own page :... Larry Schmidt
      Larry Schmidt

      As far as I can tell I have one of the only APX Birdseye Special Guitars ever produced from the early 1990’s, Do you have any of these ?

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