Mike Lull Custom Guitars introduces the T-Bass

Mike Lull Custom Guitars has introduced the T-Bass model four string bass. The T-Bass has a mahogany body and neck. The neck is a bolt-on and has a standard 1-1/2″ J-style nut width with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and black headstock. Like all Mike Lull basses, the neck is graphite re-enforced to eliminate dead spots. The body has a raised center section and is contoured for maximum comfort. The bass balances perfectly and has absolutely no headstock dive.


The T-Bass has a separate tailpiece and bridge like what was available in the 60's. We were well aware of the intonation problems and shortcomings on the original bridges. We have made our bridge with enough string saddle travel to intonate any gage string. The saddles are made from stainless steel and are highly polished. The tailpiece in chrome plated brass.

The coolest thing about the T-Bass is the fact that we have gone to great lengths to manufacture a pickup to the exact same specs as the original 60's basses. We wanted them sound like a bass from that era. They are in-your-face rock and roll.

The pickups are made using the exact same components used in 1964. We have found the original cover and magnet manufactures to make these components using the same alloys. We are also using the same alloy and gage of wire to wind the bobbins to exacting specifications.

The T-Bass is available in two pickup and single pickup versions. The hardware and pickups will also be available separately as after market replacements

$4199.00 for single pickup

$4399.00 for two pickups

For more information, please visit www.mikelull.com

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