MOD Kits DIY Ring Resonator Deluxe

MOD Kits DIY introduces the Ring Resonator Deluxe, a Do-It-Yourself pedal kit with analog octave-up and fuzz effect.

MOD Kits DIY Ring Resonator Deluxe

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This kit will let you build a compact pedal that houses two effects popularly joined together by iconic guitar players of the past, and allow you to customize the unit to your taste.

Popularized by Hendrix, octave up and fuzz are a potent combination that have become a staple in many pedalboards up to this day. MoD Kits DIY hopes to get a piece of the pie by releasing the customizable DIY pedal kit Ring Resonator Deluxe, which brings octave up and fuzz combination along with modern flexibility.

While the label doesn’t make it obvious, this pedal is a vintage style octave-up fuzz effect, designed to reproduce classic rock guitar tones. It is an updated version of the original Ring Resonator pedal with added features like a new LED status indicator and versatile operation and voice switching.

New to this pedal is the ability to toggle the octave-up effect in realtime via the push-push output mini-toggle switch. This will let you use the pedal as a solo fuzz effect and blend in the octave effect when needed, a nifty feature that adds further value and functionality to the pedal.

MOD Kits DIY Ring Resonator Deluxe

Expanding the tones that you can get out of the pedal is a mini toggle switch that lets you go from dark fuzz to bright fuzz tones. This is a useful feature for taming bright pickups and for brightening up warm ones, and can also be a good tone shaping feature when combined with the level and gain knobs.

Like all other MOD Kits DIY pedal kits, the Ring Modulator Deluxe adds hands on building excitement, letting you build and personalize every aspect of the pedal to your liking, well depending on your experience and electronics know how. Novice players can start by personalizing the exterior of the pedal with decals and paint, while advanced tweakers can even make their own tweaks to the circuitry to arrive at the sound that they want.

It comes with a pre-drilled enclosure and all the necessary parts, along with easy to follow instructions that teach you how to assemble the components using point-to-point wiring. All you need to build the kit are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. The pedal runs on a 9V battery and can run on an optional 9-volt adapter.

The Ring Resonator Deluxe pedal kit is currently retailing for $74.95, for more information visit MOD Kits DIY.

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