Molten Voltage Tempode MIDI Clock Generator

Molten Voltage introduces the Tempode pedal, designed for conveniently synchronizing all your MIDI clock compatible pedals.

Molten Voltage Tempode

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Described as the “Pedalboard clock”, Tempode will let you harness the potential of effects that sync to MIDI clock, and it does so without taking up too much space on your board.

Guitar effects that sync to MIDI Clock are being released left and right, numbering now to over 50 pedals from 20 different manufacturers, including Strymon, TC, Zvex, Source Audio, Eventide, and MOOG. This prompted Molten Voltage to create a compact MIDI clock generator, so you can sync your delay, tremolo, phaser, flanger and filter pedals conveniently.

According to the company, dedicated MIDI clocks don’t have the inherent reliability issues found on laptop clocks. It is said to update over 25,000 times a second, ensuring timing accuracy. Aside from working with MIDI capable pedals, Tempode can also be integrated into other MIDI controllers that don’t have built-in clocks. This includes Rocktron’s MIDI Raider, VooDoo Lab’s Ground Control, GigRig’s G2, and many others.

Key Features:

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  • Stand-alone or Inline PedalBoard MIDI Clock Generator
  • Precision Tap Tempo control
  • Syncs numerous modern guitar effects
  • Stores and recalls tempo for 128 programs
  • Extremely easy to use!
  • Simple to program – hold down a button!
  • Start/Stop and Tempo can be remotely controlled with MIDI Control Change messages
  • Optional MIDI Clock Auto-Start on Program Change
  • MIDI Input Filter and Repeater
  • Commands other compatible Molten Voltage devices to self-program
  • Solid, Professional-Grade construction, including Riveted Steel MIDI Jacks
  • Bright, 2-color LED makes it easy to see pedal status at a glance
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Robust, 128 program storage
  • Compatible with all major MIDI controllers

Like the company’s other MIDI devices, Tempode is designed to be straightforward and simple-to-use. It has a modular design lets it easily integrate into your existing rig. The benefit is obvious, you can spend more time making music and less time setting up or tap-dancing on multiple pedals just to sync your effects. Finally, this pedal is hand built in the Oregon Cascade Range, featuring a sturdy and road-worthy metal chassis.

The new Tempode MIDI clock generator is now shipping, the MSRP is $175, while the current street price is $140. Head over to for more information.

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