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    – Press Release

    Siegmund Guitars has released Muddy Buddy, a high quality miniature Practice/Recording Micro Tube amplifier.
    Muddy Buddy features single ended class A shock-mounted miniaturized vacuum tubes at 1 Watt RMS driving an Alnico 6″ speaker.



    – Single ended class A 1W RMS
    – Volume (Gain Boost), Tone Controls
    – 6″ WeberVST Alnico Speaker
    – 8 ohm speaker output
    – Line out
    – Standby switch
    – Super quiet custom transformers
    – DC filtered filament supply
    – Shock-mounted tubes
    – Tube life: 30.000+ hours!
    – Paper-oil capacitors
    – AB Carbon Composition resistors
    – Aluminum Chassis
    – Ebony Knobs w/indicators
    – Finger joint solid wood cabinet
    – Custom woods and colors
    – 100/120/220/240VAC (50/60Hz)
    – Handmade in USA
    – One year warranty
    – 10x10x5 9 lbs.

    Muddy Buddy is being offered at an introductory price 49 or 49 for the chassis only.

    Find out more at

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