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    I have the Backline 250 head and will soon be getting the GK 700RB-II. Both of these amps have a DI out, tuner out, effects loop, ground lift and post/pre eq switch for the DI out. I’m trying to figure a way to get these two amps hooked together and wanted to run my ideas past you. Can I take the DI out from one amp, and run a patch chord (XLR to ¼”) to the input of the other amp? Or can I somehow use the effects loop to do this? Run from the output of the effects to the input on my other amp? If I use the DI out, I can set to post or pre eq and can either use the first amp as a pre-amp for the second one. Or could I come into the effects loop on the second amp and bi-pass the pre-amp part so then I would be using the second one as just a power amp? Any suggestions on how to do this or if this is even ok for these amps? I also considered using an A/B/Y switcher but the good ones seem a bit pricey. I would appreciate any help you can offer me on this topic. Thanks.

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      I see JaySilence is living up to his name.

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      Hello and welcome, Jay.

      Apols for the looong delay in replying but I had a busy week. Yes, you can use the DI out as a line level input into another amp and, as you say, this can be pre or post EQ. It’s a lot more pleasant than FX loop and an XLR to jack cable is an easy find.

      HST, you end up with one amp being just a preamp for the other. If you want to use both power amp sections (obviously, you will need either two cabs or one that handles all that wattage) then an A/B/Y is my preferred option. They’re not all pricey. Have a look at http://www.nobels.com

      I have their 4-splitter, which actually allows me to hook my bass into four separate outputs if I so wish (or less, if I simply don’t plug them in). It’s whisper quiet, not affected by a roomful of PCs and lightbulbs and, IIRC, delivers a low-impedance signal to the amps so long cable lengths aren’t a problem. The disadvantage is that the 4-splitter doesn’t have stomp switches. They do make the A/B/Y type of pedal that you’re after, though.

      I believe the stuff is made in Asia but the quality lives up to the German parent company. Easy to cart around in your cables bag, too.

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