Musicvox is known for vintage style and flamboyant electric guitars and basses since it started in 1997. They have a variety of Electric guitars and basses with a sort of exaggerated shape and feel, giving it a 60’s vintage vibe. They also offer 12 string electric guitars with the same type of design.

Musicvox is used by a number of well known artists and have appeared in multiple guitar and music magazines. Another famous appearance of Muiscvox was when their Spaceranger guitar was featured in Austin Powers Goldmember. Director Jay Roach and Mike Myers selected the Spaceranger guitar and bass for its unique, flamboyant 60’s Euro styling.

Some of their models are:
Strataspear guitar
Strataspear bass
Space Cadet guitar 6 string
Space Cadet 12 string guitar
Space Cadet ‘USB’ Ultimate Shortscale Bass
Rare NOS Spaceranger Guitars

Musicvox identity stands on it’s novel approach to guitar design, making it look and feel like a fun instrument to play. Musicvox guitars are sold direct worldwide from the manufacturer and through their website

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