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    Figured out my problem with this new Peavey XXX combo. It’s the squeel. It sucks. Keep missing it and it’s hard to find.

    Maybe I was spoiled with my old Randall Century 200 head because that thing was the bomb. Best Solid State amp ever made. Dimebags rig in Vulgar ya know. Miss it now. Had to sell it a couple months ago due to being poor 🙁

    Should I buy a Ibanez Tube screamer to help with my squeel? And what’s with all these Mods people are putting into these pedals? I’m a member of GA (Gear Anonymous) because I used to has GAS = Gear Acquasition Syndrome, I was obsessed with pedals. But my sponsor said I could buy just 1 pedal.

    But which one?

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      Hope I helped a little, 4Notes. If you do go for another Randall hybrid, you might want to keep hold of the Sylv. Chances are, a Randall will have a Chinese 12AX7 and I’ve found that even the better Chinese are improved by an American or old Euro pre-tube taking their place.

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      Thanks 1bassleft,

      I will have to agree with you that some cheaper amps sound better than the expensive ones. For home practice amps, I love using little car audio tweeters for the speakers. It’s a real funky sound.

      I did research the Sylvania 12ax7 WA pre-amp tubes and that helped. I will probably go back to what I’m familiar with and that’s Randall amps. I like the compression and the boost these produce, so I can get that Pantara sound.

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      😆 , Scott. Yes, I admit my anorak is rustling pretty loudly 🙂 . Still, if you accept that not all amps sound alike (otherwise, we might as well all buy Behringers) then it follows that not all valve/tubes sound alike. They are, after all, part of the amplification circuit; just wrapped in big glass bottles rather than bits on a PCB.

      I have a number of valve amps (none of them costing me much) and I’ve spent a little time finding the right valve for the sound that suits the amp. I won’t bore everyone with e.g.s, and I accept that the drummer (never mind the audience) couldn’t give a monkey’s, but it bothers me so I spend a tenner here or there. I don’t go down the route of £££ for matched Telefunkens (like the hifi boys do) for sure.

      What I don’t get is Noodle’s point that “valve amps suck -they don’t make them anymore” (barking) followed by “my Pod replicates every valve amp from the ’50s onwards”. For one thing, why care so much that a Pod can replicate any amp that, apparently, “sucks”? Secondly, and I know this sounds a bit snobbish, but is Noodle comparing the Pod to the real thang or just accepting the marketing blurb? I’ll happily buy any unwanted Fender Tweed, Marshall Superlead, etc, that’s suddenly redundant because a £90 Pod supposedly dumps all over it.

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      Thsi so reminds me of the the “But our Marshalls go to 11 -they’re better thing from “This is Spinal Tap”. 🙄

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      4Notes, I had to look up the xxx, so bear with me; I’m not an exp on the amp. Worse, I’m a bass guitarist 😯 I agree with Noodle that (if it’s the squeel I think you’re thinking) compression comes into it but, after that, he just went barking…

      Looking at the xxx, it should be able to do what you’re after. I haven’t seen a schem but it looks to have cascading gain stages. Can you clarify a coupla things for me though? Is it loaded with the 6L6s rather than EL34s? I think the 6L6 will suit what you’re after better as EL34s push the midrange a bit more and it’s more difficult to get the treble bite. If you have the 6L6s (and the technique; otherwise you wouldn’t have got it from the Randall either), then I’d suspect (like you) the 12AX7s or else the speakers.

      Can’t comment on speakers, but I’d advise against Telef ECC83 or, even worse, ECC803s. Too balanced, too hifi, for what you’re after; and too damned expensive. The Ei ECC83 is a copy of the Telef, and their reputation for microphonics may even count in your favour. The silver plate Ei is a lot brighter than the greyplate and old, pre-civil war ones can be worth having.

      A better idea (especially if you’re over the pond) is a high-gain 12AX7 like the old Sylvania. They’re really easy to pick up cheaply on US eBay and I’d be tempted to try one in V1 and V2; perhaps even the phase inverter slot. If that all gets a bit too much, you can calm down the PI by opting for a 12AX7 with balanced triodes or even a 12AT7. The 12AT7 is cheap to get hold of, even Mullard etc, and may tighten up the response.

      If I were experimenting, and trying to avoid to much wallet emptying, I’d probably go down that route. Bear in mind though, I’m a GAS-filled bass player – but still only a bass player 🙂

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      Amps are all well and good – Tubes or not. But the overall tone you get out of your amp depends on more then just the make, model and pedal you use. The sound is effected by the plectrum, The type of strings, the way you hit them, how you mute and what guitar you play. Personally I play a Gibson SG through a Marshall AVT100 Combo amp and I have noticed that if you keep all the same settings and give it to another guitarist to play it sounds completely different. And I agree that it is good to embrace modern equipment but every guitarist is looking for that killer sound, the tone that makes the floor shake or the squeel that shatters windows. We all just have a different way of finding it and older style amps are some times better at delivering.

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      I think I bought an amp with the squeel missing. I’ll drop some Telefunken 12AX7’s in next month and see if I can find it.

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      This might help:
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      There are so many variables at play that this thread is pointless. Different guitars will sound good or bad through different amps. There are great -and disasterous – combinations to be had, so the individual must experiment and find out what works for them.

      What is the point in arguing about it?

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      I used a high quality 1inch Tweater for my main speaker when I had that Randall Century Head. Talk about a little sound with a huge tone.

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      [quote=”noodle69″]of course you would put a guitar thru a guitar amp , derrrr, what else [/quote]

      I play my guitar through a 150watt bass amp with a 15″ driver…now that’s a sound!

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      yes , maybe its just a matter of opinion , but hmm let me see , yep , your wrong and your ac30 is a bygone era , if they were so good , they’d still be around ! and they r not !

      you had a crappy set up ! you still do !
      you must be deaf dude !

      of course you would put a guitar thru a guitar amp , derrrr, what else , and a pod v2 was designed for guitar so not only do you live in the past , you know sweet fa about the present , which probably means that you are either old and stupid or young and niave , either way , you are closeminded , about modern equipment , and evolution !


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      Fender frontman?
      I cant think of a worse sound than a Pod going through a guitar amp,
      they are just about OK recording, if you cant mike up a real amp.
      Even if you stuck it through a real good PA it would sound naf, but through a guitar amp?
      You get a tube amp working, running hot, and there is NO substitute, and there is a Tube amp for every style of music.
      I once had the idea of putting a Vamp 2 (very much like the POD but cheaper) through a Fender Twin on clean, and the whole setup was just so bad, i sold the lot and bought Vox AC30 and some pedals.
      I dont care what station you listen to, what colour jeans you wear, you simply can not beat a good valve amp.

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      the pinched harmonics are created by the guitar with overdive and some compression .

      i dont use tube amps , they suck !

      i use a very simple , but extremely clean fender fm and put the guitar thru a pod version2.

      the pod v2 recreates any of the serious amps around from the 50’s until the modern amps . around 30 different ones.

      it has overdrive , chorus , delay reverb , flanger , rotary , compression , noise gate and more .

      it is the best setup ive had , and inexpensive .

      if your rich , and only play rock dirges , then by all means , get a tube amp , and a pedal to go with it , but i would highly recommend podv2 .

      i got mine 2nd hand from ebay 4 about £90 inc postage !

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      squealing is all in the hands baby

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      Oh, OK. I have no knowledge of such things.

      Who’s Marky Mark?

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      pinch harmonic = metal term used by Marky Mark in the movie RockStar when his guitarist wasn’t hitting the high note. It went something like this:

      “Dude, you’re not playing it right!”
      “yeah I am”
      “no you’re not”
      “yeah I am”
      “you’re not hitting the squeel”
      “yeah, that’s it!”

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      What do you mean by “squeel”?

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