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    Hi all,

    Wondering if any of you can help. I sold the above make / model guitar years ago and something beyond my wildest nightmares happened – the person I sold it to tried unsuccessfully to install a pickup and thus ruined it.

    The guitars were carried in Veneman Music stores in the Washington, DC area in the 70s. I’ve been unsuccessful thus far in locating another to buy.

    Help! Thanks…

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      I have a Nagoya guitar made by Veneman ? Music. I think it was made in the 70’s and appears to be a Martin copy. I don’t ever play it. I just put new strings on it and let it sit and look pretty.

      Would be willing to sell it. It sounds AWESOME and plays easy.

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        Just saw your old post regarding your Nagoya N35. I’m sure it is a long shot but if by chance you still have it I would be willing to make you an offer. It was my first guitar bought from Venemans Music in the 70’s. Would like to give it to my grandson. If you no longer have it I apologize for taking your time.


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          Hi BG,

          Please let me know, and thanks!!

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      I’m sure that Nagoya has come up as a subject a coupla times here on Guitarsite. Type the word into the search here for previous threads. It then comes down to the ubiquitous eBay (aka Fleeb) to find a replacement.

      If I were remotely expert; I’d try to help spot the good’uns from the bad, but I’m not. However, there are others here who can spot the nuggets of gold amongst the pans of dirt. Unlike some sites, there are no objections to semi-newbs posting “is this guitar worth buying?” threads here, as long as it’s within reason.

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      Hi Lee,

      Yes – looking for another guitar by Nagoya, either an N-35, N-28, etc. along that vein.

      I didn’t try to install the pick-up, and didn’t own it anymore at that point, so I don’t know what went wrong, other than the person not having a clue about what they were doing!!! I just have a picture of a hole in the side and all the frets laying about. A nightmare of sorts, really!


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      You want help in locating another? or help with the pickup cockup?
      by the way what exactly went wrong with the Pickup-Cockup?

      try and say that 3 times over after 4 tins of Tennants export.

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