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      Congrats on tracking down the Devogit, glw. Anoraky it may have been, but this thread got my nylon rustling I have to admit 🙂

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      From what I’ve heard, bands have to pay a lot of tax to play in Australia. I think that might be part of the problem.

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      Cool, nice find.

      Thats my gripe with you Brits. You get to see all these bands that wont ever be returning to Au.

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      We have closure!

      (Well I do anyway. I don’t think anyone else could care less.)

      The Devo “Blue Potato” guitar is a custom-built Ibanez.


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      I saw Devo last night at Shepherd’s Bush. They were looking a bit older and greyer (and a little fatter in a couple of cases) than they are in the pic I posted at the top of this thread, but their playing was absolutely spot-on. Very entertaining and totally barmy.

      They didn’t have the strange-shaped guitar that I was so interested in either, so I couldn’t get a close-up look. Guitars used were a Steinberger bass (strung right-handed but played left-handed), an Ibanez Talman electric, and a couple of early G&L guitars that sounded fantastic. (I say early G&L because they had a simpler headstock design – without the little pointy bit, if you know what I mean).

      There was another bizarre carved-up looking guitar that was used on one song for a rather manic solo and then some mechanism was triggered to break all the strings. I didn’t quite see how he did that.

      Mark Mothersbaugh (the singer) also played guitar on “Satisfaction” – it was left-handed Strat (played right-handed) with effects pedals gaffer-taped to the body. Also, it seemed to have the 2 centre strings missing.

      Bit of a trainspotter, aren’t I?

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      Devo are magic. And you try telling kids today with their bloody Spice Girls.

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      Here’s a little snippet of info on Devo guitars I got from the Devo FAQ ( http://cluefree.org/devo/Personnel.shtml )… may help with other models.

      Devo Guitars and Basses

      Devo had an effects box built for them called the “Devobox”; I’d appreciate any info on it…

      – Bob 1 has used plenty of different guitars. These are the ones I can recognize:
      – A “lobotomized” Hagstrom. You get a great view of it in the “Satisfaction” video.
      He used an Ibanez Iceman in the live version of “Red Eye” on The Men Who Make The Music.
      – Looks like a Fender Mustang in “The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize”.

      Jerry has used Steinberger and Gibson (or Epiphone?) 4-string bass guitars, in addition to numerous bass synths. The bass he plays in “Satisfaction” was a Ripper with the horns sawed off.

      Mark plays a Fender Telecaster in the “Satisfaction” video. (Most of them don’t require quite that much cable, though.)

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      The neck (what you can see of it) looks Les Paulish, as do the pick ups and bridge. Maybe they had a deal with Gibson? I really don’t know, but the axes (and the band ) are pretty weird.

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      Yeah, but I was asking about the guitar, not the bass.

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      I stumbled unexpectedly over this line in Wikipedia:
      [quote]Jerry Casale can be seen using a modified Ripper in Devo’s Satisfaction video[/quote]

      but the Ripper in the video looks less hacked:

      The headstock does look very similar so maybe it was further modded (if I’m not mistaken, the lefty is playing with upside down GDAE strings – I hate that). Those hats in the pic were worn in the “Whip It” video (directed by Gerald V Casale, apparently) but Jerry ain’t playing and the guitar used is different.

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      The neck and headstock looks like a Gibson EB3 or is it an EB0??
      But it think it has ‘Custom’ written all over it.

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