NAMM 2011 – RainSong Graphite Guitars introduce their new Studio Series

RainSong Graphite Guitars is introducing their Studio Series – a new line of composite guitars. Featuring a tough, non glossy fine texture finish, these instruments scale back on flashy appointments to deliver good sound and playability in a rugged, road-worthy package.


RainSong Graphite Guitars Studio Series

As with all other RainSongs, the Studio Series uses Projection Tuned Layering for the crystal detail, warmth and volume of the classic carbon sound. The guitars are bright, balanced and punchy – capable of cutting through in any acoustic setting. The neck is made of Carbon fiber. The body features a combination of Carbon and Glass fiber, similar to the Hybrid Series they introduced a year ago. The idea is that glass fibers soften the crystalline carbon tone to provide a mellow but resonant sound.

The Studio Series features the new N2 neck. This neck was the result of an extensive longterm collaboration with Steve Miller and master luthier John Bolin. While the N2 has a more substantial feel than the original RainSong 6-string neck, it is ergonomically sound and actually results in better transfer of string vibrational energy to the soundboard. The N2 features a truss rod that is accessible from the headstock. Graphite does not warp or bow with changes in humidity and temperature. The purpose of a truss rod in the N2 is to allow customization of the fingerboard relief to individual preferences.

The Studio Series is being introduced with 3 models:

  • S-DR1000N2 Dreadnought with Fishman Prefix+T electronics (Retail Price $1,867)
  • S-WS1000N2 Deep-body cutaway with Fishman Prefix+T electronics (Retail Price $1,999)
  • S-OM1000N2 Slim-body cutaway with Fishman Prefix+T electronics (Retail Price $1,999).

All models include a Customized gig bag.

RainSong Graphite Guitars will be at booth 1618 in Hall E.

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