NAMM 2013 – YRG-PRO MIDI Guitar

You Rock Guitar will unveil their latest MIDI guitar, the YRG-PRO, at the 2013 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.


This MIDI Guitar comes with upgraded features based on the previous model YRG-1000 Gen 2.

Founded in late 2009, Inspired Instruments is known for their affordable and no latency digital MIDI guitars. The first model of YRG or “You Rock Guitar” was first shipped in 2010. It was well received by MIDI enthusiasts and continues to have a growing user base. Now with the YRG-PRO, the concept behind their MIDI guitar is taken to the next level.

The YRG-PRO concept was initially launched as a Kickstarter project back in August 2012. It was started by rogue members of the YRG team, Inspired
Instruments, Inc. With the product now ready, they are set to introduce the YRG-PRO to music industry members at NAMM 2013.

While some might look at MIDI guitars as “toys”, this new MIDI guitar is anything but that. It is designed to meet the strict demands of professional studio or live performance, while retaining a reasonable price tag. To achieve this, YRG implemented important enhancements to to every aspect of the instrument, including its control panel, neck, whammy bar, battery system, input/output panel, mute bar, knob system, and firmware. The PRO version represents the latest of YRG’s MIDI controller technology.

You will notice that the new YRG-PRO looks more like a traditional Strat. It is now a full size wooden guitar in a familiar shape that provides improved comfort and feel. It also makes transition from electric guitar easier for those that want to give MIDI guitars a try.


  • Solid wood body.
  • Solid bolt on wood neck supporting our new patented fingerboard technology.
  • The neck is standard “strat” width.
  • The guitar has 22 frets with standard fret spacing.
  • The fingerboard is a new design with a 13” radius.
  • The whammy bar is being redesigned with a metal fulcrum and spring system.
  • The redesigned mute bar will allow for palm muting via different velocity settings Velocity switching can be used to select different sounds.
  • Built in rechargeable battery pack.
  • LCD based GUI interface.
  • High quality I/O jacks.

Alongside the YRG-PRO, Inspired Instruments, Inc. will be releasing a new neck accessory for the YRG-1000 and YRG. The neck will be sold as an accessory and will feature standard fret spacing and a 13” radius. It has a cool new color scheme and will provide even more guitar familiarity to
the YRG-1000 form factor.

Cool demo of the YRG MIDI Guitar

Chasey Elion, VP of Inspired Instruments, commented: “We are excited at the progress we have made this past year and we will continue to make this kind of technology available to the broader public. This is MIDI for Guitarists!”

The YRG-PRO is expected to retail for less than $1,000. You can find out more about this instrument by visiting You Rock Guitar.

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