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    Hi everyone, I love writing songs and I have various songs of different genres….How do I get hold of producers to publish my songs and most important how do I approach them. I do need the contact details of many of them so that I can approach them at large. I know that this is not easy …but I do have confidence in my lyrics and know that they have a chance.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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      This is very good that you do have confidence in your lyrics but getting the initial start is the main matter. It would be better to approach a few well known publishers who have the repute of giving breaks to newbie’s. As there are many people coming up in your line you really need to get an edge out of them and I believe that VmusicBook will be a suitable option for you to get started as it houses the contact names, Addresses, Phone #’s, Fax #’s, Emails, and Websites of the needed persons and also provides strategies for getting started in this line.

      All the Best!!!

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