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    What is a good excercise to do to get faster on the ole fretboard. I’ve been playing for a couple of years and my mind is so much faster than my fingers. I

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      Good reply Youngwasp, another good way of speeding your fingers up is to play the dreaded pentatonic major/minor scales over and over, this will speed those fingers up and keep those scales locked into your memory banks.

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      This is an excellent question, however the answer is not simple, there being an infinite number of exercises designed to develop/dexterity.

      The best place to start would be your local large bookshop – there are several good titles, one that springs to mind is one by Dave Mead which is about £5, called Basic Guitar Workout and is an entire book of finger busting moves. You can obviously search the net too as there are lots of sites that will supply tabbed examples of what you require.

      I am a bit unsure as to what you are after though – if your mind has identified the target on the fretboard and you can’t get there quick enough, then it is simply a physical shortcoming and you really only need to sit down with a metronome and gradually increase the speed until you reach the pace that satisfies your requirements.

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