New 2 Channel “C” Amp from PRS

PRS have announced a 50 piece inaugural production run on their new 2 Channel “C” Amp with units being delivered to retailers now.

PRS 2 Channel C Amp

Handmade in Stevensville, Maryland, these amps feature two channels with independent treble, mid, bass and gain controls and a global master volume and reverb.

The unique lead channel offers powerful, liquid characteristics, while the clean channel has shimmering, clean highs and extensive headroom but can be overdriven at maximum settings.

The proprietary Cinemag (“C”) transformer provides aggressive vintage tones, making this amplifier extremely flexible.

An effects loop with adjustable send and return is also included.

“This amp is an exciting foray into newer design, tone, and feature territories. My love for single channel amps guided this project from start to finish as I wanted to avoid some of the inherent compromises associated with some switchers. I worked hard on allowing each channel to stand on its own short of building two separate amps in one box and kept it as simple and intuitive to use as possible. I personally find it very addictive and great fun to play.” –Doug Sewell, PRS Amp Designer

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