New Album from Tommy Emmanuel – “Little By Little”

Normally we don’t usually talk about album releases here on – but there are a select few guitarists who’s ability is so great that we can’t go without mentioning them – and Tommy Emmanuel is on that short list of virtuoso guitarists!

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the album yet so I won’t give you my review (although I can’t wait to hear it), instead I’ll give you the publicity material his people sent me…

Two-time Grammy nominated Australian virtuoso guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, CGP is set to release his all new 2-disc album Little By Little on February 15, 2010 on the Favored Nations imprint. On Feb. 3, he kicks off a string of U.S. tour dates beginning with three days of TommyFest – a concert series dedicated to the promotion of great acoustic guitar music – in Elizabethtown, KY before moving to shows on both the West and East Coasts.

As the Swahili proverb says, all things are possible if you just take it little by little, step by step. This was the inspiration behind the album title, Little By Little. Emmanuel explains, “The proverb holds a special significance to me because it’s a lesson I had to learn in my life – to take things one day at a time and not be so concerned about tomorrow and I think that’s an important lesson to learn.” Emmanuel describes the album as “a joy to make” but says “It took a lot longer than any other project I’ve ever done purely because the songs kept coming. With this album, I was really pleased that all these elements came together so I could get that message across through my music and get a good positive message out there to people.”

The 24 tracks, spread over two discs, brilliantly showcase Emmanuel’s distinctive “finger style” playing, using all ten fingers, and features collaborations with special guests Rick Price, Anthony Snape, Victor Wooten, Doyle Dykes, Dr. John Knowles (CGP), Pam Rose and others. The album’s tempo moves from break-neck, in-your-face finger-picking tunes such as “Locomotivation,” “The Might Mouse,” and “The Welsh Tornado” that have their roots in Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins to more melodic songs such as the title track “Haba Na Haba,” – Swahili for “little by little” – which is featured twice both as an instrumental version and a vocal version with Anthony Snape and Pam Rose. The album also includes live favorites such as “Ruby’s Eyes,” “The Fingerlakes,” “Jolly Swagman,” and “Papa George” which have never been recorded in a studio.

Recognized as the elite of the elite and arguably the greatest living acoustic guitar player, Emmanuel has mesmerized both fellow musicians and audiences alike with a professional career that spans nearly five decades. Emmanuel’s dazzling performance, flawless guitar skills and voluminous repertoire never fail to amaze and engage his legions. From the wilds of Australia’s outback to the bustling major cities throughout the world, Emmanuel’s flair, unforgettable showmanship and exhaustive world wide touring schedule have created an enviable fan base that continues to grow even larger every year.

2010 has been an especially big year for Emmanuel. In June, he was voted Best Acoustic Guitarist in Guitar Player Magazine’s 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards. On July 26, he was honored as a Queen’s Member of the Order of Australia for his service to the music and entertainment industries as a guitarist, and to the community as a supporter of the Australian charitable organization Kids Under Cover which works to build homes and provide scholarships for homeless and at risk youth. On Dec. 14, Emmanuel will be featured on the track “Much Too Soon” on Michael Jackson’s much anticipated album of newly completed recordings entitled MICHAEL. And ending the year with a bang, Tommy will return to his home country for a series of special concerts with his brother, Phil and Tommy’s full band, to celebrate 50 years of professional performance together.

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