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    McPherson guitars are rather costly but worth every penny! I’d never heard anyone play one until I found this amazing new Country Artist named RISSI PALMER playing one and I wanted to see if it was her that was great on it – or if it was the guitar. I have to say it was her!!! I don’t sound nearly as good 🙂 (yet!).

    If you want to see her in action on her McPherson check out the video for her new single – a remake of Jordin Spark’s No Air go here –

    I bought her CD at Amazon and am trying to learn a couple of the songs (by ear). I wish I could find some of her sheet music. I also just got a download of a brand new version of NO AIR that she did on iTunes (originally by Jordin Sparks) and wow – Rissi’s “countryised” version is SO MUCH BETTER!

    also you can go to her website at

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      Really, she is very beautiful and again she has given us nice videos. Her voice is lovable. Hope she will be a member of this forum so that we will be lucky to have her.

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      Hey guys, just thought id let you know that after researching rissi palmer abit more i found her new video on CMT- it is amazing!! She is so pretty and her voice is gorgeous! I love the video, it is awesome, just like her!! So id thought id come back here and share the video with you guys so you can see how great she really is- so check it out!!! 🙂

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      Hmm, a bit too countrified for me; what with the fiddle, banjo and the lap-steel it might well have had a “yee-hah” in there later for all I know. Rissi sings well and the re-interpretation’s nearly right but I think it overdoes the “guess what? This is a country version!” styling.

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