New Dave Mustaine Zero Guitars from Dean

Dean welcomes two new Dave Mustaine Zero models for 2013 – “Classic Black” and “In Deth We Trust”.

Dave Mustaine Zero In Deth We Trust
Dave Mustaine Zero In Deth We Trust

Dean Dave Mustaine
VMNT Double Neck Diadem

These new models expand the visual choices within the Zero series, while still following the same overall design.

According to Dave, he has always liked the Explorer shape, before he got into the V style guitars. So he worked with Dean to hot-rod an Explorer to meet his needs – streamlined playability, sharper corners, improved neck profile and electronics. This resulted in the Mustaine-approved Zero Series.

The Dean Zero series is meant to provide the playability, sound and look that will satisfy heavy metal guitar players.

Dean decided to give the model a variety of finishes while still retaining the core shape and build to ensure familiarity across the models. Now they have expanded yet again with two new models for 2013.

The Dave Mustaine Zero In Deth We Trust model features a modified US dollar graphic, it signifies the currency struggles and signifies the dollar crashing. Dean also had the headstock fitted with a special graphic, something that’s out of the ordinary for the guitar company. Other features of the guitar include DMT Design pickups, Rosewood fretboard and Pearl Dot inlays.

Dave Mustaine Zero Classic Black
Dave Mustaine Zero Classic Black

The Dave Mustaine Zero Classic Black model provides a dark yet elegant alternative to the existing models. The body and the headstock come with a straightforward deep black finish, which serve as a backdrop for the Pearl Mustaine Custom Inlays on the Ebony Fretboard. The guitar also features a different pickup set, the Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire, which is also used on the Metallic Silver model.

Common features of the two new Zero series models include having a Mahogany body, Tune-O-Matic String-Through Bridge, Black Hardware, Mustaine-Spec “D shaped” 24 fret neck with 25.5″ scale length and Mini Grover tuners.

The new Dave Mustaine Zero guitars are expected to have a street price of $499, which is quite affordable when compared to other similarly spec’ed signature guitars. For the full specifications and other details, you can visit Dean Guitars.

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