New DIY eBook: Epiphone Valve Junior Amp mods has teamed with pedal builder and modder, Kerry Fine, for a new DIY mod guide for the Epiphone Valve Junior Amp.

“You won't believe your ears – you can get the amp for $100, and the parts are a couple of bucks – you'll love the tone out of this little monster after the mods! Kerry walks you step by step through the circuit in detail and also has a ton of great mods for this amp” it says on the IndyGuitarist website.

Mods include:

– Decrease muddiness and excess bass

– Fender tones

– Marshall tones

– “Baby vox” tones

– Bad Cat mini-cat tones

– Hoffman “schedule 40” tones

– Install a high/low gain switch

– Add a gain control

– Add a master volume control

– Add Negative feedback and switch it on/off

– Pentode/Triode mode allows the amp to run at 5 watts or 2.5 watts

– Add a bright switch

– changing the output transformer for a smoother tone

Epiphone Valve Junior DIY MODS costs $16.99 and is an immediate download.

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