New Hexaphonic Pickup System for Acoustic And Classic Guitar

Shadow Electronics releases a revolutionary pickup system for acoustic and classical guitar. The hexaphonic pickup is based on Shadow's popular and successfull Nanofelx pickup technology and unites 6 pickups in one—one for each string.

Conventional undersaddle pickups don't have separate volume controls for each string. Even if you change the strings of your guitar the volume balance of the strings very often changes. To bring the string volume back in correct balance you need to adjust the bridge bone which takes a big effort.

Also, if you play a mixed playing style with plektrum and finger technique or if you use a thumb ring there are enormous differences in the volume of the strings. Until now, you needed a strong finger technique to balance those differencies whereas broken finger nails were the order of the day.

Shadow's brandnew Nanoflex-6 solves these problems. You can adjust the volume control of each string very easily and comfortably at the preamp which guarantees you a perfect string balanced output—the dream of acoustic and classical guitar players.

Because the pickup is based on Shadow's patented Nanoflex technology it convinces with a faithfully reproduced and hum-free sound. Common undersaddle pickups take only the vibrations of the strings. Nanoflex senses the vibrations of the strings AND the body of the instrument simultaneously. This gives the equivalent of having a condenser-microphone mixed with an undersaddle pickup. No other technology gives you this high level of sound reproduction.

Beside volume, bass, mid and treble control the preamp contains an accurate, chromatic tuner and mono output. Additionally the is a 6-pin jack is the output for each string and allows you a variety of new playing styles, sound and surround sound effects. For example, now you can put different chorus, delay and loop effects on each string. This enables to play the guitar not only in stereo sound but also the sound depth of your instrument. Your guitar sounds now three-dimensional.

This amazing pickup system was developped in cooperation with numerous successfull musicians—especially Peter Bursch made every effort to make the Nanoflex-6 the best pickup system on the market.

If you connecet your guitar with your computer you can easily transcribe each note played on the monitor by using special software.

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