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    Hi, I was trying to fix a pair of bad solder joints into my Bandmaster today. There were some bad noises and cracks coming out when it was warm, and that seems to be gone now. (I had posted a topic about this issue some time ago).
    well what I noticed now is something that maybe has always been there, who knows… It is a really quiet “pop” noise that appears on the same frequency as the vibrato, so as I turn the “speed” knob up, the pop noises becomes more frequent, and the opposite.
    is this normal? or maybe i moved some wire inside the amp while soldering?
    thanks for your help

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      Hello again riz. I would also suggest that you look in a the Plexi Palace forum at vintageamps.com where the Fender forum should have plenty of members with good advice. I’m not all that familiar with Fenders and have only recently acquired an amp with a vibrato. Without a footswitch, I don’t even know if it works yet.

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      I would try moving the pre-amp valves around, i think the one serving the Vibrato channel is on its way out.
      Take the silver covers off the valves, and swap around the valves (only the ones of the same value) around.
      Well thats where i would start.
      Good luck.

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