New TonePrints from Michael “Padge” Paget of Bullet for My Valentine

TC Electronics comes up with more TonePrints, this time its called Sunny Day coming from Michael “Padge” Paget of Bullet for My Valentine.

Michael Padge Paget

The Sci-Fi geek in me is thinking that maybe TC Electronics has a hidden agenda of assimilating all the great guitar players DNA, in preparation for their future product: The DNAprints. DNAprints is where you can download the DNA of guitar heroes into your body, instantly transforming you into a guitar hero clone via a secret technology from TC Electronics.

Anyway that is all in the near future, for now we can make do with artist signature Toneprints that we can upload to our TC Electronics effects. More and more artists are joining the TC Electronics TonePrints library, and another addition is Michael “Padge” Paget of Bullet for My Valentine.

He sat in and created two TonePrints, the first one is called “Sunny Day” for the Vortex Flanger and the second one is called “Tears” for the Flashback Delay. Padge originally set out to make an extreme phaser / flanger tone for TC’s Vortex Flanger pedal, but inspiration pointed the other way and led him in a different direction. Rather than getting a wild sound, Padge created a subtle and slow-ocean-breeze-on-a-sunny-day kind of tone. The tone was aptly named as “Sunny Day”. The Flashback Delay Pedal got a nice analog delay with a bit of chorus treatment from Michael, it resulted in a nice and evocative tone that Michael decided to label as “Tears”.

Being the lead guitar player for Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for my Valentine, Michael ‘Padge’ Paget knows how to use his tools. Having sold more than 2,5 million albums worldwide, Padge knows how important the role of tone is and he has generously shared his tone ideas to all TC Electronics users.

The two TonePrints are available for free download on TC Electronic’s website or as part of the free TonePrint App for iPhone.

Here is the video recorded while Padge was making the “Tears” TonePrint:

TC Electronics is giving away a Michael “Padge” Paget signed Vortex Flanger and Flashback Delay on December 2, 2011. To join the giveaway, all you have to do is to “Like” TC Electronics and connect with them on Facebook.

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