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    All I can say is it’s about bloody time. I was cruisin’ through Zakk Wylde’s official website and there was mention of this book. Apparently Zakk took part in it. The book is called “Van Halen 101” and it is being released now in September. Word is it’s a comprehensive guide to the amazing history, music, impact and influence of Eddie and the boys. The foreword was done by Brian May of Queen. What’s even more amazing is the fact the book contains a tribute to Eddie by over 100 of the world’s greatest musician. People like Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, James Hetfield, Zakk Wylde, and many more all came forward and participated by sharing their thoughts and memories about EVH.

    Over at Zakk’s official site they also posted the link to the publisher’s site. This link will take you directly to the official book page. It will give you all the most current info and it even has a free preview of all the amazing commentary Zakk provided for the EVH Tribute. Man, y’all should check this out. It looks sick. I heard there is even a section in the book that discusses how Eddie and Randy Rhoads came from the same club scene and includes an interview with Kevin DuBrow, too. This book is sick!!!

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      I had a dodgy “L” key on my old keyboard. “Heaps slick” maybe? Or am I showing my age? I’ve only just noticed that black PC keyboards save me from having to wash my hands so much

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      The new Blink 182 album is heaps sick
      Where as in 1990 it was
      The new Vanilla Ice is kowabunga man

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      Sick? What a curious adjective.

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