New Version of Tony Campos Signature Tremor 5 Bass Guitar

Tony Campos, best known as the previous bass player for Ministry, and the current bass player of Prong, is updating his Signature Tremor 5 Bass.

Tony Campos with his new Signature Tremor 5 Bass Guitar

Boasting a Fernandes trademark design and the expertise of a true metal icon, the new version released at 2011 NAMM show, features Maldito X logo inlay in 12th fret, 5-string configuration, Alder body, Maple neck, 24-fret Rosewood fingerboard, a pair of EMG Hz humbuckers for bone-crushing tone, with one volume, one tone, pickup blend control, and an eye-catching Lava Burst finish.

Tony Campos Talks About The New Signature Tremor

What’s new on your latest Fernandes Tremor Signature bass?

The new signature model, thanks for rigorous research and development, i.e. me bashing it for a year out on tour, has some new improved features. It has a new lavaburst finish, EMG-HZ pickups, Volume – Blend – Tone controls, Gotoh tuners, and the Asesino “Maldito X” logo in the 12th fret.

What’s your current live rig, aside from the Tremor basses?

My live rig varies, depending on the situation. My touring rig consists of an ElectroVoice RE-V wireless going to a Line 6 Bass Pod xt Pro through 2 SWR Amplite power amps, each running an SWR Goliath Sr. 6X10 cabinet. I’ll put a Dunlop Bass Wah in the effects loop. For local shows, I’ll run either a Line 6 LowDown 750 head through an SWR 6X10 or, if there’s a house rig or if I’m doing a fly away show, I’ll just take an SWR Headlite and a Tech 21 VT Bass Deluxe pedal.

You’ve been a Fernandes user for quite some time, what makes the Tremor your weapon of choice?

I’ve been using the Tremor for about 10 years. It’s a solid bass, I can beat the snot out of it, it always sounds and plays great, and it looks like it’ll kick your ass.

Here’s a video of Tony Campos and his Signature Tremor in action:

The Tony Campos Signature Tremor 5 will be in stores summer 2011.

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