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The Best Electric Guitar Brands

It has now been almost 8 years since we first published our list of the top 5 electric guitar brands. For this 2019 update, we continue with our expanded selection, which features today's top 10 best brands.

Line 6 Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald

Line 6 celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new custom-finished Variax Standard Limited Edition Emerald guitar.

Knaggs Severn X

Knaggs Guitars introduce the Severn X, their latest hand-built Super Strat style guitar with proprietary Hinge tremolo.

PRS Mark Tremonti Baritone Limited Edition

PRS Guitars introduces the new Mark Tremontii Baritone Limited Edition model, with a longer 25.5" scale length.

Rivolta Combinata from Novo and Eastwood Guitars

Eastwood Guitars and Novo Guitars introduce the first guitar that they came up with, the new Rivolta Combinata.

PRS CE 24 Standard Satin Electric Guitar

The new CE 24 Standard Satin is PRS' follow up to the bolt-on neck model that they re-introduced earlier this year.

Michael Kelly CC50DLX Custom Collection 50 Deluxe

Michael Kelly introduces the Custom Collection 50 Deluxe guitar, featuring two single-coil sized humbuckers with 12 switchable voices.

Ibanez Steve Vai Signature Jem 77WDP CNL

Ibanez unveils yet another Steve Vai signature model, the Jem 77WDP CNL, with distinct wooden pickguard.

Gibson Pete Townshend Deluxe Gold Top '76 LTD

Gibson unveils new Pete Townshend Deluxe Gold Top '76, inspired by the Les Paul he smashed on stage in 1976.

Gibson Firebird V 2016 T

The updated Firebird V 2016 T is the latest incarnation of one of Gibson's most distinct looking guitar models.

Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele

Fender introduces the Deluxe Nashville Tele, a versatile take on the classic Telecaster design featuring three pickups.

Reverend Sensei HB LE 2016

Reverend introduces their latest Limited Edition guitar, the new Sensei HB LE with Bigsby B-50 bridge.

Tim Reede Mercury

Tim Reede introduces Mercury, a compact chambered body electric guitar with dual humbuckers and piezo pickup.

Dean Zelinsky Paisley Dellatera Guitar

Dean Zelinsky introduces the Paisley Dellatera guitar, featuring an alder wood body with engraved metal design.

PRS Private Stock Custom 24 8-String

PRS unveils their August Guitar of the Month, the Private Stock Custom 24 8-string with Seymour Duncan Alpha and Omega pickups.

Charvel Limited Edition Guthrie Govan

Charvel unveils the Limited Edition Guthrie Govan signature, sporting a new Britannica Red Black Burst finish.

Fender Deluxe Strat

Fender introduces the Deluxe Strat, featuring Vintage Noiseless pickups and custom switching for expanded tone options.

Ibanez RG Iron Label Guitars 2016

Ibanez expands their popular RG series line with a fleet of new Iron Label models that feature sleek and flat black finish.

Fender Limited Edition Rosewood Neck Telecaster

Fender unveils another limited edition American Standard Telecaster, this time featuring a solid rosewood neck.

Esoterik LK27 Baritone Electric Guitar

Esoterik Guitars unveil the LK27, their first 27" long scale length baritone electric guitar which comes equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups.

New Left Handed Electric Guitars from Vintage

Vintage Guitars unveil three new lefty guitars, making three of their popular models available for left handed guitarists.

Yamaha Limited Edition Pacifica 612VII

Yamaha introduces the Pacifica 612VII, a limited edition SSH configuration guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups.

PRS SE Mark Holcomb Signature

PRS introduces the SE Mark Holcomb Signature, a 25.5" scale guitar with Seymour Duncan Alpha & Omega pickups.

Charvel USA Select Series

Charvel has a new flagship line of guitars called the USA Select Series, starting off with four new guitar models.

ESP Bill Kelliher Signature Guitars - 2016 Summer NAMM

Mastadon guitarist Bill Kelliher joins ESP Guitars' roster of artist endorsers, co-designing two new namesake guitars.

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