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Basic Lesson on Playing Lead & Rhythm Together

Robert Renman from Dolphinstreet shows you how to mix in a double-stop lead lick with a basic blues rhythm.

Improve Your Guitar Playing On Demand

Rock House, a company that provides instructional material for guitarists, has released an "On Demand" set of guitar instructional videos.

Jam With Bullet For My Valentine Guitar DVD

Lick Library has released a Jam with Bullet For My Valentine, a double DVD and CD set.

Chuck Berry Style Lick

Another great blues lesson from Justin Sandercoe - this one using 3rds in A Mixolydian mode in a similar style to Chuck Berry.

Minor Pentatonic Blues Lesson

Lead guitar lesson in the style of Eric Clapton and others - includes TAB.

Minor Key Gypsy Jazz Lesson

Learn and practice lead solo exercises with arpeggios using the Gypsy right hand technique.

Acoustic fingerstyle country rhythm lesson

Geoffrey Paul Ross from Next Level Guitar presents this acoustic fingerstyle rhythm lesson.

Advanced Pentatonic Guitar Lesson

Demi Barbito provides this lesson showing how he played one of the licks on his latest album.

Tapping and Tremelo Bar Tricks

Dave from Next Level Guitar presents this lesson on tapping Eddie Van Halen style and whammy bar tricks to end runs with.

Sweep Picking Lesson

Dave from Next Level Guitar presents this lesson on shredding with sweep picking arpeggios.

Learn to play Thin Lizzy The Solos - DVD & CD

Lick Library have announced their latest release.

Improvising with Intervals

Milan Polak from Shred Academy presents this lesson.

Lead Blues Guitar Lesson

This lesson is a modern post-war blues lesson in the key of C - similar in style to BB King and Otis Rush.

Shredding Exercises in Mixolydian

Dave from Next Level Guitar brings us this exercise of alternate picking in Mixolydian.

Improvising on Guitar

In this 20 minute video from you'll lean about free improvisation vs rehearsed improvisation.

Ovation Launches Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Ovation Guitars have launched a new Acoustic Guitar Lessons area on their website.

Jazz Lick Lesson - based around a Mixolydian Scale

Here is another great lesson from Justin Sandercoe.

Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales in your Solos

Jam with Tom Petty double DVD and CD set from Lick Library

This is the latest guitar tuition DVD from Lick Library.

Guitar Tapping Joe Satriani Style

Carl Brown shows you how to play the tapping style Joe Satriani used in the song "Midnight".

Wes Montgomery Style Octave Lick

Justin Sandercoe delivers another great lesson, this time showing us a classic Wes Montgomery style lick using Octaves in a blues dominant lick.

Funky Blues Rhythm Lesson

This is a funky 12 bar blues rhythm that uses a call and response beween the low notes and the high notes of the chords.

Creating Your Own Funk Guitar Parts

In this Riff Of the Week video lesson we learn the basics of creating your own funk parts.

String Skippin Blues Lesson

This is another great lick lesson from Justin Sandercoe using a blues mixture of Dorian mode and a flat 5th.

Fixing Guitar Practice Problems with and without a Metronome

By Tom Hess Do you think it is important to use a metronome when you practice guitar? Guitar players tend to fall into one of the following groups:

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