Aguilar Chorusaurus - Analog Chorus Pedal for Bass

Aguilar Amplification unveils the Chorusaurus bass chorus pedal, analog bucket-brigade chorus tuned for bass.

Aguilar Chorusaurus

This expands the company's bass pedal offerings to a total of six, carrying the same distinct exterior design and four knob configuration as the other single foot-switch pedals that they offer.

It is not much of a surprise for Aguilar to come up with their own chorus effect pedal, especially since this is an effect that is used by many. I find it surprising how they released niche effects like the analog octave (Octamizer) and dual envelope filter (Filter Twin) before releasing the more popular effects like chorus. Well better late than never, and its not farfetched to expect more bass pedals from Aguilar.

According to the press release, the Chorusaurus uses analog, bucket-brigade technology for "lush, organic chorusing." Bucket-brigade is an old technology that is still popularly used on modulation and delay type effects, primarily because of its warm tone. However, the downside is its small memory and lack of clarity.

Since Chorus effect does not require too much memory, it will not be affected by the memory limitation of bucket-brigade chips - making it ideal for the effect. And knowing that the Chorusaurus is meant for bass, the effect will not be hindered by the clarity and high-frequency loss that are usually expected of analog circuits. Bottom line, it is a good idea for bass chorus pedals to come with bucket-brigade technology, hopefully will see this pedal in action soon.

For tweaking your sound, the pedal's four-knob layout lets you adjust the Blend, Rate, Intensity and Width parameters. The Blend knob lets you set the mix or ratio of your wet and dry signals. The Rate knob lets you adjust the chorus rate, while the Intensity and Width knobs allow for further tone shaping.

The company says that with these four knobs, "you can dial in subtle swirling textures, extreme chorusing or anything in between".

  • Uses analog Bucket-Brigade technology
  • Stereo or Mono output
  • Gig-saver bypass (signal passes even if your battery dies)
  • Can be powered by a nine-volt battery or optional universal power supply
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Three-year limited warranty

The Chorusarus pedal is scheduled for released in late November 2014. I've seen it listed on online retail stores with a pre-order price tag of $199. For further details, you can visit Aguilar Amplification.

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