Pro Tone Pedals announces the Blasko Bass Overdrive

The Blasko Bass Overdrive comes equipped with a Baxandall EQ system and sits in the pocket of low- to medium-high gain. Additionally, the unit can be powered anywhere from 9-18 volts. The Blasko is hand made in the USA, 100% true-bypass with grounded input for noise-free operation, and comes backed by a five year warranty.


– Gain, treble, bass, and volume controls

– Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or (negative tip) BOSS style adapter

– True hardwire bypass

– Stomp switch

– Durable aluminum housing

– Neutrik Jacks

Price: MSRP US$249

For more information, please visit

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1 thought on “Pro Tone Pedals announces the Blasko Bass Overdrive”

  1. Not sure!
    Ron Howard

    Though the overall decoration seems pretty attractive I am not sure how well it would perform for a professional though the basic controls and parameters are present.

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