Roland JC-40

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Jazz Chorus amplifier series, Roland introduces the JC-40 combo amplifier.

Roland JC-40

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This new 40-watt Jazz Chorus model carries over the same sought after JC clean tone and Dimensional Space Chorus effect, only this one has a more compact form factor along with enhanced onboard effects and stereo input connectivity.

The original Jazz Chorus first saw the light of day in 1975, and was sought after for their great clean guitar tone. It has since continued to be an industry standard when it comes to clean tone, having been used in various popular recordings by a long list of players that come from various musical disciplines.

In addition to its clean sound, the Jazz Chorus’ stereo chorus was well received by many, achieved by having two speakers that allow for genuine stereo sounds. The amp’s two speaker configuration allows for some interesting stereo chorus effect sounds that is simply unattainable from other amplifiers.

Now the new JC-40 expands on the Jazz Chorus’ legacy, bringing with it the clean tone, chorus effect and stereo connectivity that made the series popular, but in a more compact package. It features two independent power amps that drive two custom designed 10″ speakers that work together to produce the true stereo sound expected from Roland’s long running JC amp line.

Also new to the JC-40 is its refreshed set of onboard effects. The Dimensional Space Chorus is improved with selectable fixed or manual modes that expands the tones you can get from the amp. Both the vibrato and reverb are updated, now operating in stereo for a deeper and richer sound. Another interesting feature is the built-in distortion effect which seem to contrast the expected clean tones of the amp, still it can be a nice plus.

Complementing the stereo configuration of the amp, the JC-40 now has a true stereo input along with the regular mono input. It lets you better utilize stereo effects and have a wider sound without having to use two separate amps. To achieve this, the rear panel of the amp is outfitted with multiple ports including stereo capable effects loop, line out jacks and there’s also a headphones jack for quiet practice. Optional footswitches can also be used with the amp, for realtime switching of the amp’s chorus/vibrato, reverb, and distortion effects.

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Finally the new Roland JC-40 is built to be durable and tank tough, bearing the same resilience and reliability as previous Jazz Chorus amplifiers which have provided years of reliable operation for musicians both on stage and in the studio.

The Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus amplifier is now available with a retail price of $599. Visit Roland for further information and to check their line up of Jazz Chorus amplifiers.

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