Keeley Mini Katana Clean Boost

Keeley Electronics is now shipping the new Mini Katana Clean Boost, a miniature version of their popular Katana pedal.

Keeley Mini Katana

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Being the first guitar effect design by Robert Keeley, the Katana circuit holds a special place at Keeley Electronics, so it is not surprising for them to try releasing different versions of it to accommodate the needs of various guitar players.

After successfully modding existing guitar pedals for various players, including popular ones, the Katana was the first real Keeley pedal that gave the company it’s own identity. It went on to be used and endorsed by artists like Billy Gibbons, James Valentine, and John Mayer.

The Katana is based on existing overdrive/boost pedals, but its important distinction is its ability to boost guitar signals without causing overdrive or distortion. This makes it easy to integrate into the complicated rigs of touring guitarists, who then use the pedal to boost their signal without changing their tone significantly. The result is increased exposure and more popularity.

Now the company is releasing a compact version of the pedal, complete with the same clean boost circuit and single knob configuration. Interestingly they even added 2 internal DIP switches that add sonic variety to the original design. One of the switches toggle between clean and overdrive boost, you can set it to the popular Katana +22db colorless clean boost or go for a more traditional +35db overdrive setting. The other switch lets you enable a treble shelving filter for added warmth when needed, this will make it useful for bright single coil pickups.

With the addition of the two switches, the Mini Katana has essentially gone beyond being just a clean boost, but crosses over into more traditional overdrive boost territory. The company says, “With a very simple, single knob design, small footprint, and a total maximum output of +35db the Katana Boost Mini is a very small but powerful tone shaping tool.”

This makes the Mini Katana more than just a miniature Katana, but rather an upgraded version that’ requires less pedalboard space. Another notable difference is the position of the boost knob, instead of having it on the side, the big boost knob is now easily accessible at the front fascia of the pedal, right above the foot switch.

Like other Keeley Electronics pedals, the Katana Boost Mini is hand-built in the USA, utilizing the same component and quality standards as their bigger pedals. The footswitch circuit is also designed with True Bypass technology. Finally, the pedal comes packed in a powder-coated and rugged enclosure that is about half the size of a standard stompbox.

First introduced at the concluded 2015 NAMM Show, the Keeley Katana Boost Mini is now available for purchase and is priced at $119. For more information and other details, head over to Keeley Electronics.

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