DOD Compressor 280

DigiTech re-introduces the DOD Compressor 280, the same electro-optical compressor now more pedalboard-friendly.

DOD Compressor 280

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This pedal is designed to help you reduce sudden volume jumps by maintaining dynamic range consistency, and it also prolongs your notes.

Like the original, the 2014 DOD Compressor 280 features an electro-optical circuit that utilizes a light-dependent resistor and internal LED to adjust dynamic compression.

The most common use for this effect is to avoid signal clipping when recording or performing. It is also useful for guitarists who are looking to smoothen their tone and add sustain to their lead lines. Aside from balancing out the volume and sustaining longer notes, compressors also make multiple notes sound tighter - i.e. for funky rhythm work.

This refreshed production model carries over the straightforward pair of knobs that were present in the original, providing control for the compression and output level. Setting the "Comp" knob to lower settings will apply subtle volume-leveling effects, and only adds minor evenness to your signal. This is ideal for players that just want to tame their dynamics just a tad bit. Turning up the "Comp" knob will squash the initial attack and raise the level of notes and chords as they decay, resulting in more sustain. As expected, the level knob lets you adjust the effected signal.

New for the 2014 model is the use of a true bypass switch so that the pedal won't color your tone when bypassed. Another practical addition is the availability to be powered by a 9V DC power supply, for quick integration with your pedalboard.

DigiTech Market Manager Tom Cram said, "The DOD Compressor 280 sounded so good the first time around that we didn’t do anything to change its characteristic sound quality and responsiveness. However, while we want to respect DOD’s history we’re also committed to giving modern guitarists the features they need, and all of our re-issue pedals including the Compressor 280 offer true bypass operation, an LED indicator and a 9-volt power supply jack".

Check out the video demo:

Tom adds, "Whether you need to keep your guitar volume consistent when recording, are a country player who wants to avoid drastic volume changes when alternating between single notes and chords, or are an adventurous guitarist looking to add extreme compression to your rhythm and lead playing, the Compressor 280 can give you all these sounds and more."

The DOD Compressor 280 is scheduled for release before this month ends (September 2014) with a suggested retail price of just under $125. For more information and for the complete specs, head over to Digitech.

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