DOD Envelope Filter 440 Auto Wah

Digitech brings back the DOD Evelope Filter 440, an auto-wah pedal that adds vowel-like qualities to your sound.

DOD Envelope Filter 440

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The original pedal’s voice like quality and touch sensitivity is present in this remake, while modern features are introduced.

To fit the need of today’s guitarists, Digitech utilized true bypass switching and equipped it with a 9-volt power adapter jack. They also expanded the sonic flavor of the effect by adding a voice switch.

The Voice switch lets you toggle between the Up and Down settings to choose which part of the frequency spectrum you want to emphasize. The “Up Setting” carries over the classic quack sound of the original pedal, it filters your signal to produce an auto-wah effect that’s sensitive to your playing.

The “Down Setting” allows for sounds that were not available in the original pedal. It emphasizes the lower frequency range, which can be useful for adding soul to your riff work. Bassists will also benefit from this switch, making the pedal more attuned to bass guitars.

The Level knob is not your typical volume/gain knob, rather it adjusts the sensitivity of the envelope effect so you can set the response of the pedal based on pick or finger attack. With a higher sensitivity, a player won’t have to hit the strings as hard to trigger the effect and vice versa.

The Range knob lets you set the frequency range of the envelope’s sweep. If you want to sweeps more low frequencies, you just turn it counter-clockwise, while turning the knob clockwise sweeps more of the high frequencies.

Digitech marketing coordinator Tom Cram said, “An envelope filter is one of the funkiest and most expressive sounds ever created for guitar, bass or even keyboards and our Envelope Filter 440 delivers all the ‘quack’ and swept filter tones of the original and then some. There’s really nothing else like it and once you’ve tried one, it’s hard not to resist the way it makes solos and rhythm guitar parts stand out and groove.”

Unlike the original, the new Envelope Filter 440 features true bypass operation. This prevents tone coloration when the pedal is disengaged. The addition of a 9-volt DC power supply input makes this stompbox more pedalboard-firendly. Finally, it comes packed inside a sturdy metal housing that features retro style graphics on top of a bright green finish.

The DOD Envelope Filter is scheduled for release this month with a suggested retail price of $149.95. For more information, visit Digitech.

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