DigiTech brings back 2 DOD pedals

DigiTech brings back two pedals from the Harman acquired DOD pedal line – the Overdrive Preamp 250 and Phasor 201.

Overdrive Preamp 250
Overdrive Preamp 250

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The new pedals bring with them the sound of the original while incorporating modern features to improve their performance.

Scott Klimt, Marketing Manager at DigiTech, said: “Legions of musicians worldwide still treasure their DOD pedals and still use them regularly. Now, guitar players everywhere will be able to enjoy DOD pedals once again and hear why some players won’t part with their DOD pedals for any reason.”

Klimt continued: “These pedals are not strict re-issues. We’re redefining what each pedal should be, and building those pedals. The paint jobs, graphics, functionality and naturally the sounds pay homage to the vintage pieces but with improvements that better accommodate the needs of today’s players.”

DOD Overdrive Preamp 250

This overdrive pedal with it’s over 40 years of history is returning in style, bringing its low-fi flavored overdrive to the present with some useful enhancements. Digitech describes it has having “ripping, crunching tone, tons of boost and ability to push an amp into the edge of breakup…and far beyond”. The improvements include modern implements like true bypass and the addition a 9-volt DC power supply, which is now standard among pedals. The tone is also said to be cleaner and more polished than the original, while the yellow housing is upgraded with a tow-tone metallic flake and matte black paint job.

The Overdrive Preamp 250 pedal retains its simplistic two-knob setup that lets you control the Gain and Level. The Gain knob lets you set the amount of distortion you prefer from subtle grit to all-out grind, while the Level knob lets you dial in anything from a subtle enhancement of body and girth to huge amounts of boost for playing lead parts. A more prominent blue LED indicator is also added to the pedal for aesthetic reasons and to better visualize whether the pedal is engaged or not in both dark and well-lit stages.

Phasor 201
Phasor 201

DOD Phasor 201

The original Phasor 201 is one of the first phaser effect pedals ever made. It brings with it the same straightforward one-knob control and analog low-fi swoosh effect, while bringing in the same modern improvements as the Overdrive Preamp 250. These upgrades include true bypass, 9-volt power supply input, two tone metallic flake and matte black finish and a blue LED indicator. Since DigiTech loved the phaser effect flavor of the pedal, they will not allow you to change the effect sound, rather they only provided a single knob for controlling the “Speed” of the modulation.

The two pedals are only available for a limited time, starting in October 2013. Each one is expected to have a tag price of $149.95. For more information, you can head over to DigiTech.

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