T-Rex Diva Drive

T-Rex Diva Drive is the brand's latest overdrive pedal, a compact dirtbox that lets you blend in your clean tone.

T-Rex Diva Drive

This new overdrive pedal is described as having a punchy gain structure with transparent voicing, as exemplified by the addition of a Mix knob to the traditional controls.

The company says that Diva Drive is based on the iconic JRC4558 chip, which was made popular by the original Tube Screamer pedals. Because of this popularity, this chip has become the op amp of choice for many players and manufacturers. Note that this same chip was used in many electronic appliances from the '70s, so it is quite interesting that we still use this artifact in modern day pedals.

Although it uses the same chip, Diva Drive is far from being a classic overdrive pedal clone. T-Rex Effects made sure to expand the versatility of the effect by adding nifty controls. Most notable of which is the Mix Knob, which lets you mix in as much clean sound as you want. This results in a transparent sounding overdrive that you can tweak to your preference.

Another distinct feature of this dirt pedal is the Low Range Selector Switch. It is located on the side of the unit, and lets you choose the range of low frequencies to accentuate as you turn up the gain. You can switch between mid, normal and fat to shape your sound or to match the pedal with different guitars and rigs.

The other three knobs provide familiar controls. The Gain Knob lets you set the amount of overdrive applied, from subtle to cranked. The Tone Knob lets you de-emphasize the top end of your sound, and the Level Knob lets you adjust the overall output volume of the pedal.

Check out the official demo video:

T-Rex concludes, "DIVA was built to enhance your sound—not replace it. No matter how much gain you add, no matter how you choose to beef up your low end, DIVA will respect your musicianship, your gear and your personal tone. Use it for that subtle “one more notch” effect. Or lay on the gain for some serious, punchy bite. Any way you use it, you’ll sound amazing, just like you."

The T-Rex Diva Drive is expected to start shipping within this month, with a tag price of $249. For more information, head over to T-Rex Effects.

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