T-Rex Replay Box – Stereo Delay Pedal

T-Rex introduces the Replay Box, a compact stereo delay pedal with up to 3 seconds of delay.

T-Rex Replay Box

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The pedal features tap tempo, true stereo operation with L/R inputs and outputs, and a nifty Subdivision switch that allows for quarter, triplets or dotted eight delay timing.

The new T-Rex Replay Box is designed to be a transparent sounding delay pedal that simply repeats the input sound without applying any tone coloration or shaping. According to the official press release, T-Rex “had many requests for a more straight sounding delay pedal that is clearer and more true to the incoming guitar signal”. And so they came up with the Replay Box and added in some features that adds to player convenience.

T-Rex Effects is quoted saying, “By using new hardware, we not only created a very studio-like sounding delay, but we were able to increase the delay time to a maximum of 3 seconds. It sounds more modern and it doesn’t distort or warble – it merely sends out what you put in, only a little later and in a very pleasing way. Just like all our other delays, the dry signal is kept analog, so there is no latency or coloring from the converters to the dry signal.”

T-Rex Replay Box

The straightforward design philosophy is reflected on the pedal’s control set. It has independent input and output level controls for the right and left channels, a tap tempo footswitch, a subdivision switch and a disengage/engage footswitch. T-Rex was able to fit all of these inside a compact rectangular shaped pedal that will be easy to integrate into your existing pedalboard.

Setting your delay timing is as easy as tapping the tempo switch to sync with your band, and picking the subdivision that matches the song you are playing beforehand. The quarter note delay setting will work fine with many musical styles. The triplet setting is viable for swing and other rootsy music styles. Finally, the sought-after dotted eighth note delay will let you build interesting sonic textures as used by many of today’s popular guitar players.

The pedal’s stereo input and output jacks make the Replay Box compatible with stereo effect setups. The dry stereo image is kept intact and each channel is processed individually according to the knob settings. In effect, you have two identical delay pedals that manage the left and right outputs.

Finally, all the features mentioned above are packed inside a compact and sturdy metal housing, and it runs on standard 9V DC power. The new T-Rex Replay Box is now available for pre-order with a tag price of around $265 and is scheduled to start shipping mid-April. Visit T-Rex Effects for more information.

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