On-Stage Gear adds 15 new guitar straps to its accessory line

On-Stage Gear has added 15 guitar straps to its line. The straps fall under three models and are woven from either durable polypropylene or nylon. Like its sister brand, On-Stage Stands, On-Stage Gear products are tough, stylish, and made for the working musician.

GSA6230 Click-It Guitar Strap

The Click-It Strap is strong and fray resistant, made from automotive seat belt quality nylon webbing. It features reinforced stitching and an added Click-It lock design, making for quick and easy use. Intended as an alternative to pricey strap locks, the Click-It features a secure quick attach/quick release clip. The female end of the clip remains secured to the guitar when the strap is not in use, yet will not interfere with the fit of molded cases. This low profile, all Black strap is adjustable from 32-55″ in length, and with a list price of $16.99, it is an excellent choice for players of all styles and levels.

new LTD models

GSA10 Polypropylene Guitar Straps

GSA20BKSB Nylon Guitar Strap

The new GSA20BKSB Nylon Guitar Strap is woven from the same strong and durable nylon webbing used to make automotive seat belts. It features 2-ply leather ends and reinforced stitching. Adjustable from 32-55″ in length, the GSA20BKSB is suitable for players of all sizes, and its solid Black design complements all guitar finishes. A high-demand accessory priced at $10.99 list. Includes lacing for use with single-button acoustic guitars.

GSA10 Polypropylene Guitar Straps

The new line of GSA10 On-Stage Gear guitar straps features a variety of colors and patterns. Each strap is adjustable from 31-52″ and made to last with durable 2″ polypropylene webbing, 2-ply leather ends and reinforced stitching. The colors will not bleed and the edges will not fray. Affordable and stylish, GSA10 straps are perfect add-ons to any guitar/bass sale. List price based on color.

GSA10BK – Black List Price: $8.99

GSA10YW Yellow List Price: $8.99

GSA10RD Red List Price: $8.99

GSA10BL – Blue List Price: $8.99

GSA10BU – Burgundy List Price: $8.99

GSA10GR – Gray List Price: $8.99

GSA10GE – Green List Price: $8.99

GSA10OR – Orange List Price: $8.99

GSA10BR – Brown List Price: $8.99

GSA10WT – White List Price: $8.99

GSA10BKRD – Black with Red Stripes List Price: $10.99

GSA10BLBST – Blueburst Pattern List Price: $10.99

GSA10YWBST – Sunburst Pattern List Price: $10.99

For more information, please visit www.onstagestands.com

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