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    Hey i have a pretty cheap Ibanez GIO i got in a starter kit, its still a good guitar and its the one i take to school to play. I was thinkin bout painting the pickguard, back of the neck, and headstock black so its a black on black type finish. Any ideas, suggestions, or cautions from people who have painted guitars before? I honestly dont really know what im doing hahah. Thanks

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      [quote=”sedation”]There’s this dude featured in Guitar World that shows you how to paint your guitar from sanding it down to … (etc)[/quote]

      Whoops! I’d completely forgotten that us guitar players were supposed to use words like “dude”.

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      You’re right, Sedation. also has a lot of good advice (all free to see). It takes time to read it all, and it’s quicker to shake the spray can and get on with it, but guess what… 🙂

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      I tried paintin’ my pickguard before… it turned out like crap. Pickguards aren’t really meant to be painted, since the color’s in the plastic itself and not over anything. If you got an extra pickguard layin’ around, you could try usin’ some spray paint and some clear coat. Make sure you get the good paint though, even if you gotta pay 10 bucks extra. The cheap paint would look like crap and probably be more likely to screw it up (if it even worked right).

      Painting your guitar can be done, but it takes a lot of work. I tried paintin’ an extra guitar neck I had… it turned out alright, but it wasn’t anywhere near professional looking. It takes some skill to redo your own guitar.

      There’s this dude featured in Guitar World that shows you how to paint your guitar from sanding it down to painting and finishing it. I forget his name, but you can probably find it through google. He’s got a site with some books and videos that’ll show you exactly how to do it yourself (they’re not free though).

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      ive never painted a guitar pick but im starting to paint my guitar so cant help ya there

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      Hey MD…

      Can’t really help you out but here’s a thread:

      Probably worth sending ken a PM

      Or a tip from Gman

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