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    PAT – Portable Appliance Testing (usually referred to as PAT Testing) is a process by which electrical appliances in an organisation are checked to see if they are safe. The Musicians’ Union have advised me that, with time, increasing numbers of venues will require PAT certification of electrical equipment e.g. amplifiers used by visiting musicians. Every year in the UK approximately 30 people are killed as a result of coming into contact with electricity, and hundreds more are seriously injured. The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances – kettles, fridges, toasters, fax machines and computers – in other words, the appliances that you and I use every day! There are many good reasons to carry out PAT testing but probably the most compelling reason to have your equipment checked is to consider the likely consequences if you do not have the testing done and you, or one of your band, were to be killed or injured! More information via the downloads at URL: http://www.houlston.freeserve.co.uk/news.htm

    I hope that is useful.
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    Bob Houlston #==(o )
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      We have this sort of thing at work, i had all my stuff PAT checked last week, the dont check our test equipment but the power cords we use with them. The cords are isolated and checked and then labeled.
      The check lasts for a year, so i think any PAT tests on Amps, PA’s and other electrical music equipment may be very costly to a gigging band.
      And at the end of the day you have as much chance of getting a jolt from your TV set as you do from your Gigging amp.
      How many of those 30 fatalaties from musicians own equipment? I think as musicians we look after our equipment, most people treasure their amps and spend lots of money maintaining them.
      Of course a visual check is always a good idea, looking for frayed cables etc, but i dont know about PAT testing. Seems like someone with a testing machine is going to make a lot of money from this.
      Nanny state?

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      [quote=”bobhoulston”]More information via the downloads at…[/quote]
      I apologise for any inconvenience. Download URL has changed to: http://www.houlston.freeserve.co.uk/maintenance.htm#12 ________ [URL=http://www.suzuki-tech.com/wiki/Suzuki_Aerio]Suzuki aerio[/URL]

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