Paul Gilbert Online School of Rock Guitar

Learn rock guitar from an experienced virtuoso with ArtistWorks’ latest offering – Paul Gilbert Online School of Rock Guitar.

Paul Gilbert Online School of Rock Guitar

This interactive rock guitar program is set to launch on May 23, 2012, with Paul Gilbert sharing his fret wizardry to ambitious learners worldwide.

Paul Gilbert, known for his acclaimed work with Mr. Big and Racer X is surely over qualified to be teaching, he is known for fast and tasteful licks that continue to place audiences in awe. This online guitar course will give you a chance to learn Gilbert’s unique and expressive style featured in a complete guitar course from beginners to advanced. You will learn some of his classic riffs, signature licks and if you have what it takes, learn Paul’s blindingly fast arpeggios and string skipping.

Paul Gilbert was quoted saying: “I know there are people out there who are hungry to learn the guitar, or just want to improve, or get back to playing, but there are so many things that can keep you from it – lack of time, money or even access to great teachers – my Rock Guitar School really eliminates all of those barriers and lets me have a real conversation with people who are passionate about playing guitar.”

Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert will include the usual pre-recorded lessons that tackle different levels of playing. With this, you can advance through the course at your own pace. Students will be able to adjust their learning process to their schedule. Multiple camera angles will let you see the lessons from alternate viewpoints so you can analyze techniques from different vantage points. In addition, you can slow lessons down, and loop lessons to help you break the lessons down to its important bits and focus on every detail.

The learning doesn’t stop with just the lessons, because ArtistWorks make their program interactive and personalized. You have direct access to Paul by submitting video questions and performances – for his answers and critiques. Gilbert will then review and respond to each student with a personalized video response. This video exchange feature improves the learning experience by a big margin because Paul will be speaking directly to you. The video responses will be available to all, which will be like additional lessons for all students, becoming a source of practical wisdom and answers questions that you need but didn’t think of.

Here is a quick promotional video that features Paul Gilbert:

The Rock Guitar School is open to guitar players of any skill level. Even with master like Paul Gilbert on board, the tuition fees are reasonably priced at $90 for 3 months, $150 for 6 months and $240 for 1 year subscription.

For more information and to subscribe, you can visit ArtistWorks.

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