Paul Gilbert’s New Signature DiMarzio Injector Pickups

Paul Gilbert used DiMarzio Injector Pickups on his Ibanez Fireman when recording his latest album “Fuzz Universe”.

Paul Gilbert

Now he has done a deal with DiMarzio to endorse the pickups he clearly loves which are being marketed as his very own Signature Series DiMarzio Injector Pickups.

Paul says these pickups get great clarity and really brighten up the sound on the low strings, even when tuned down, where other pickups would start to get a bit muddy.

On the high end he says they have nice bite and perfect attack without being too “trebley”.

The way Paul Gilbert tells it, this is one heck of a single coil pickup.

For their part, DiMarzio say they’ve been following Paul since he was “an amazing 18 year old who had recently arrived in California and had blown everyone away with his musicianship, speed, and awesome technical ability in Racer X.”

Watch the video of Paul below as he discusses both the new DiMarzio Injector pickups carrying his name, and his new more affordable Ibanez Fireman Signature guitar, and you’ll see how genuinely excited he is.

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