Paul Gilbert’s TonePrints for TC Electronic’s The Corona Chorus and The Hall of Fame Reverb

Earlier this year TC Electronic released five guitar pedals that have built in USB Ports.

Paul Gilbert

By using the on board USB ports, guitar players have the ability to upload “TonePrints” that are created by some of the most prominent guitar players of our time, the likes of Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, John Petrucci, Joey Perry and Steve Morse have all joined in and created their “TonePrints”.

These artists create personalized tone prints using parameters that are not accessible via the knobs.

And now another prominent guitar player joins in, Mr. Paul Gilbert, a very popular shred style guitar player with impeccable technique and phrasing.

Since the mid 1980’s, he has been performing, recording with RacerX and Mr. Big. Now this guitar hero is about to leave his mark on the two TC Electronic pedals: The Hall of Fame Reverb and the Corona Chorus.

Hall of Fame

The TonePrint that Paul Gilbert created for The Hall of Fame Reverb has that spacey, echoey tail vibe. He mentioned that adding reverb tails add a sense of comfort to the playin. He then sampled a few licks showing off the reverb capabilities of The Hall of Fame Reverb.

This TonePrint was wittingly called Otis Fieldsgood, which was supposed to be Paul Gilbert’s hotel alias for his next tour. Check out Paul Gilbert’s Otis Fieldsgood TonePrint in the following video:

Corona Chorus

The green Corona Chorus pedal also got the same treatment from Paul Gilbert. He created a ‘TonePrint’ that when joined with distortion sports a watery, shimmery and transparent sound. He played some licks and displayed the flexibility of the Corona Chorus.

By simply reducing the guitar volume via the volume knob, Paul was able to get clean sounds even with distortion still on. The ‘TonePrint’ was aptly named Triple Caramel Apple – see the video below:

For more information about The Hall of Fame Reverb, The Corona Chorus and TonePrints just head over to TC Electronic.

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