Peavey Tube amps get Gold from Guitar World

Guitar World magazine has honored two all-tube Peavey guitar amplifiers, the Windsor Head and ValveKing 212, with their Gold Award for Overall Value.

“Numerous manufacturers have attempted to build a low-cost all-tube head that produces authentic British tones, but the Peavey Windsor is the first that truly delivers on the promise,” wrote Eric Kirkland in the December 2007 issue of Guitar World. “Its midrange barks like the hounds of the Baskervilles, its lows track without compromise and its signal easily sustains into harmonic feedback. Look no further than the Peavey Windsor.”

The 100-watt, single-channel Windsor guitar amplifier infuses the tones of rock music's golden era through exclusive Peavey technologies and a three-12AX7, four-EL34 tube configuration. The ValveKing 212 is a two-channel, 100-watt combo outfitted with three 12AX7 preamp tubes, four 6L6GC power-amp tubes and dual 12″ ValveKing loudspeakers.

“The ValveKing [project] was an opportunity to refute industry perceptions that it was impossible to build a high-quality all-tube amp at an affordable price,” wrote Kirkland in the September 2007 issue of Guitar World. “The Peavey ValveKing has no competition.”

Both amplifiers feature Peavey's patented Textureâ„¢, Presence and Resonance controls. Texture adjusts the power amp from modern class-A/B push-pull tones to vintage class-A sounds for an incredible range of tone texturing and coloring. Presence and Resonance fine-tune speaker damping from tight to loose in the high and low frequency ranges, respectively.

“Tone geeks will find the exclusive Texture control particularly useful, as it allows the player to vary the amp's output between the spongy feeling of class-A power and the full-throttle attack of class-A/B operation,” added Kirkland. “Texture allows players to tweak the power amp's voice like no other amp on the market. I think this useful and well-integrated circuit should be standard equipment on every tube amp.”

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