Port City Amps releases the Pearl Amp

When most think of a Pearl, something simple, beautiful and rare comes to mind. In the age where many companies are producing over-processed, multi channel amps, Port City Amplifiers is happy to offer the Pearl. Simple, beautiful and clean. Many players today rely on pedals to achieve their overdriven tone. In that case what is needed is a pure, rich and dynamic clean tone to lay the foundation.

Space on many stages is at a premium. The large rigs of decades past are not practical for most gigging musicians. The Pearl is perfect for those tight stages measuring only 16 7/8″ W x 8 ¾” T x 7″ D. It pairs perfectly with the Port City 1×12 and 1×12 OS Wave cabinets.

Finally, there is the perfect option for a simple, clean, mid-wattage guitar amp all in a cabinet that doesn't require a roadie.

The Port City Pearl Features:

– Volume, treble, middle and bass controls

– Bright switch

– 2 6L6 power tubes (Tube Amp Doctor small bottle)

– 3 JJ preamp tubes

– 50 watts

– Silicon diode rectifier

– Optional tube buffered effects loop

MSRP: US$1,425

For more information, please visit www.portcityamps.com

This is a Press Release

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