PRS 59/09 and 53/10 Pickups

PRS have made their vintage inspired 59/09 and 53/10 pickups available for purchase, these pickups are designed to mimic ’50s era guitar tones.

59/09 Pickups

These pickups were introduced back in 2009 and 2010, loaded into PRS guitar models, now they can be bought separately via the PRS accessories store and authorized dealers.

These pickups were specially designed by Paul Reed Smith to capture real vintage ’50s era tones. Both the 59/09 and 53/10 are made with vintage-style wire and they are wound within PRS’ Electronics department to ensure modern construction and quality. These pickups are meant for guitarists who are looking to change the “voice” of their guitars into something more classic.

PRS 59/09 Treble and Bass Pickups:

This pickup is also part of the vintage inspired family of pickups from PRS. Introduced in 2009, this pickup set features a powerful bridge pickup while the neck pickup has a touch of brightness. This set is designed for guitarists who are looking for added punch, harmonic overtones, clarity and definition.

53/09 SPECS:

  • Covered (etched)
  • Magnet: Alnico
  • DC Res: 9.3k treble, 8.4k bass
  • Compatible with: 5-way blade or 5-way rotary pickup switch
53/10 Pickups

PRS 53/10 Treble and Bass Pickups:

This pickup set produces a voice that is based on the tone of single-coil guitars from the 50’s. According to PRS, the 53/10’s are the warmest-sounding in the PRS vintage-themed family of pickups, which also includes 57/08’s and 59/09’s. Introduced in 2010, these humbucking pickups produce a unique single-coil like tone that carries a sweet high end and warm, smooth bass.

53/10 SPECS:

  • Covered (etched)
  • Magnet: Alnico
  • DC Res: 8.98k treble, 8.42k bass
  • Works with 3-way toggle with push/pull tone pot

You can purchase both pickups online via the PRS Accessory store for a price of $199 per piece, that makes it $398 per pair. For more information on these new pickup options from PRS, you can visit PRS Guitars.

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